Thursday, March 24, 2011

Better Now

Author: Lou

*~*     *~*     *~*

Tim took three small steps, walking his feet in toward the side of the bed as he slowly stood upright with a grace he truly did not know he possessed. Pressing his teeth hard against each other, his breath rushed through his nose as he tried to acclimatise to the heat of his backside. Jesus!

Behind him, Rob unwound the leather belt from around his hand and neatly dropped it onto the laundry pile, kicking a damp towel over it. He'd retrieve it later.

"Better now?" Rob asked.

Tim stared at the far wall for a long moment before he turned to face his partner. Arms hung loosely by his side as he pressed his nails into his palms, face flushed and quite obviously in some pain, he cleared the hair from his eyes with a quick toss of his head and gave Rob the most open, honest look he'd managed all week, though his voice was strained.


Rob let out a breath he had only been half aware of holding and stepped into Tim, his hands coming up to frame this most beloved of faces. Placing a gentle kiss on the trembling lips, Rob wrapped his arms around the other man's waist, holding tight as Tim clung to him in a bruising hug that Rob silently accepted as fair due given the pain he'd just inflicted.

A shiver ran through the man and then Rob felt Tim search for his mouth with his own as he sought to transform the energy that buzzed between them into something more, something different. Glancing over Tim's shoulder, Rob eyed the distance to the bed and carefully tipped him backwards; tumbling them both onto the somewhat rumpled sheets.

The End

*~*     *~*     *~*

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