Sunday, May 15, 2011


Written for the Loving Swats May 2011 Breakfast in Bed Drabble Challenge
Sitting on  the table, Tim cast an appraising eye over Rob's form as he slid eggs from the pan.
Rob gestured for Tim to shift. "Off. You want to take this back to bed?"
"Nope. Just you."
Discarding his plate on the bench, Rob walked over to stand between Tim's knees, claiming a kiss, pushing him backwards as he did so.
Tim leapt up, smacking his head on Rob's chin, as his backside caught the edge of his own plate, tipping its hot contents against his pants.
 Hand pressed to his face, Rob pointed at Tim's jeans. "Off. Bed."

Breakfast in Bed

Written for the Loving Swats May 2011 Breakfast in Bed Drabble Challenge
Perching with one hip on the wide windowsill, Rob twitched the curtains aside to peer out at what looked to be an unpromising day. Tim, having lost the argument, set a tray of breakfast on the bedside table. 
"It's bloody freezing on that kitchen floor!"
His partner grinned and pointed out the window at a huddled figure, arms wrapped around her body; the small dress' pulling properties clearly outweighing its thermal ones. Opening the window, Tim leaned out and yelled, "Oi! Shazza! Good night?" and laughed at the two fingered response and Rob's smack on his leg.
"Good for her."


Drabble: TopHat
No warnings.


"Put on your Top Hat, baby", Tim whispered, nuzzling into Rob's neck and inhaling the scent of a day's work and the faint hint of this morning's soap. Friday and the world could at last fall away.

Rob hesitated for a moment and brought his hands up to steady Tim's face, and searched out the other man's beautiful eyes; the slight blush on his partner's cheeks and quickly dropped gaze gave him his answer.



Rob captured his lips in a firm kiss and ran a hand down Tim's back to pat his backside warningly.

"Bring me your hairbrush."